I hope you enjoyed the video. I mentioned I also wanted to gift you with the attached sales process map.

Let me briefly explain why the sales process is so important to your business, and then we'll explain what we want you to look for on the map we sent to you.

The sales process is a critical business fundamental that's designed to help you create a competition-crushing marketing program for your business. We refer to this map as your "roadmap to market domination."

At first it looks simple to create, but it actually involves several business fundamentals in order to work properly. Those fundamentals are knowing and understanding your ideal client by developing an actual profile of who they are and what they want… mapping out their actual decision making process by understanding how they go about making that all important decision to buy what you sell… creating a "million dollar message" so powerful it practically forces your prospects to buy from you on the spot… mapping out the exact sales process that is specific to your business so you know the exact marketing materials you need to create… and finally, rolling your "million dollar message" into all of your marketing and advertising collateral.

All of these fundamentals make up a successful sales process. Sound like a lot of work? Well, it is if you don't know what you're doing. And that's the purpose behind the 7 video series we're sending you. We will teach you all about these critical fundamentals and how to use them to create your very own sales process.

But here's the exciting part. When you know and understand how to develop all of these critical components… and the role they each play in your overall sales process… you will position yourself light years ahead of your competition, and have a solid foundation upon which to build a competition-dominating marketing program.

But now let's discuss the reason for sending you our process map. There is no better way for you to learn this than to see it actually take place right in front of your very eyes. If you look on our process map, you will see the exact process we're going to take you through over the next 10 days.

There are several major reasons why this is so important for us to do this… and why you MUST do the exact same thing for your business. In today's media saturated world, prospective customers are extremely jaded. Most people hate to be marketed or sold to. When they first encounter your marketing message, they don't know you… like you… or trust you.

You MUST establish trust… respect… rapport… and demonstrate your expertise. You will NEVER do that with a single marketing message. It takes anywhere from 4 to 15 touch points with prospects before they begin to feel comfortable enough to trust you with their purchase.

We have determined that our "ideal client" requires 10 points of contact… with each of those contact points delivering a different message that highlights our expertise. THAT'S what you have in front of you now. Our process map is a visual representation of the exact process we will take you through over the next 10 days so we can establish trust, respect, rapport and expertise and show you… beyond ANY reasonable doubt… that we are indeed the REAL DEAL… that we really can help you build the business of your dreams.

We're going to give you the combination to the vault so to speak, and show you from start to finish exactly how we help small business owners around the world build multimillion dollar businesses. There will be no hype… no tricks… no surprises. Just solid business growth information that we hope will convince you that we have the tools, the resources and the expertise to partner with you and help you take your business from wherever it is right now… to wherever you want it to be.

So for the next 10 days, follow along on our sales process map as we teach you step-by-step how we use this incredible tool that helped us grow our own business from a start-up coaching company with zero revenue to more than $3 million in one year.

At the end of this process, you will fully understand how this same process can position you and your business in a league of its own… and help you become the dominant force in your market.

To your success,