Follow Up To Info Request - Step 3 - Special Offer

A special deal for you

An Offer You CAN'T Refuse!


Recently you requested some information from us. And, hopefully we've been able to show you just how devoted we are to meeting your needs. After all, at XXXX- {Name of company, ex: Marketing Magic} we are devoted to XXXX- {Promise, ex: making your marketing powerful, effective, and adding thousands (even millions) to your bottom line!}

Now, if you're like most XXXX- {Describe your contact, ex: small business owners} you want:

And so much more!

And, we want to help you achieve those desires. So, to prove it to you, we want to make you a limited time offer-

So right now, when you purchase, XXXX- {Name the product, ex: One marketing campaign}, you'll receive XXXX- {Name the offer, ex: an additional campaign completely free! That's two campaigns for the price of one. You can't beat a deal like this-}

But, that's not everything With this fabulous offer, you also get XXXX- {Additional bonus or offer, ex: our 100% success guarantee...or your money back! No questions asked. If we don't get a 10% response rate, we'll either refund your money, or provide you with new, marketing sequences.}

And, we're making it happen just for you! (Because you are exactly the type of customer we are looking for.) However, we can only make this deal available for 7 days, after that, we'll have to go back to our regular pricing.

You don't have anything to lose, but so much to gain. Take a minute and XXXX- {How do they take advantage of the offer, ex: give us a call at 000-000-0000} today!

You can soon be experience the benefits of XXXX- {Name the product or service, ex: powerful marketing campaigns designed just for you.} So, don't delay. Contact us today!


XXXX- {Name of President, ex: Marty Marketer}

XXXX- {Title and Company, ex: President, Marketing Magic}

P.S. This offer will only be made available once, and you only have a week to respond. So don't delay. Contact us today!