Follow Up To Info Request - Step 1 - Here's the information

Here's the information you requested


Thank you for requesting more information about our company. We are pleased to offer you any assistance we can. And, we'll do our very best to meet all of your XXXX- {Type of service or product, ex: marketing} needs.

You see, at XXXX- {Name of your company, ex: Marketing Magic} we are devoted to:

XXXX- {State your promise, ex: Creating powerful marketing sequences that get results!}. And, we do that by:

XXXX- {Benefit #1, ex: Creating a specific plan just for you}

XXXX- {Benefit #2, ex: Providing you with a marketer with a proven track record}

XXXX- {Benefit #3, ex: Just plain ol' not giving up}

Our company is 100% devoted to you and your needs! To find out more, and for a list of all our XXXX- {Pick one: Products or services}:

XXXX- {What do they do, ex: See the attached list of FAQ's. This list should provide you with all the information you are looking for.}

Additionally, one of our certified reps will give you a call in a few days to follow-up with any additional questions you may have.

We look forward to speaking to you!


XXXX- {Name of President, ex: Marty Marketer}

XXXX- {Title and Company, ex: President, Marketing Magic}