Lost Customer - Step 3 - Offer Extension

I surrender


Imagine me waving a big, white handkerchief in the air.


Because I surrender. I'm waving the white surrender flag.

12 days ago I sent you an email talking about your Unhappy Anniversary. Then I wrote to let you know about my distress about a possible break up between us. And, I have not heard from you

Tomorrow is the deadline for the offer I mentioned in both emails XXXX- {Restate the terms of the gift, ex: 25% a purchase of your choosing, and a free gift simply for letting me know what is driving you away.}

I really don't want to lose you. So, I am extending the offer for JUST SEVEN DAYS, but after that I give up.


XXXX- {President's Name, Doug Williams}

XXXX- {Title and Company, President, Williams Widget Store}

P.S. I will not be contacting you to remind you of the new deadline. So, don't risk forgetting about this great deal. Act on it today!