Lost Customer - Step 2 - Testimonial Reinforcement

The worst breakup this year

"Breaking up is hard to do..."


The immortal words of Neil Sedaka. Are we broken up? About 7 days ago I sent you an email noting that we haven't seen or heard from you in 6 months.

I asked you to let me know what we did to cause the break-up. And, I asked you for another chance (by giving you a special offer and promising a special gift.)

But, I still haven't heard from you. So, I wanted to share what a few of my customers had to say about my business.

XXXX- {Testimonial, ex: Your widget is a one of a kind. I really value the way you found it sitting on my desk. It looked like a paperweight at first, but now I see the REAL value of this item. Thank you!}

XXXX- {Testimonial, ex: I couldn't believe what your widget did for me. I am MORE than happy with my product. Thank you for this wonderful tool!}

You know, if you can do nothing else, at least check out our website at: XXXX- {website address, ex: www.widgets4you.com.}

Oh, and I do have to remind you that your special offer and gift expires in one week. We'd love to hear from you!


XXXX- {President's Name, Doug Williams}

XXXX- {Title and Company, President, Williams Widget Store}