Lost Customer - Step 1 - Un-happy Anniversary

Are you lost?

Un-Happy Anniversary!

(free gift waiting for you)


This is one of the saddest days in my experience as the CEO of XXXX- {Business name, ex: Williams Widget Store.}

And, I am kicking myself for whatever we have done over here that has caused you to take your business elsewhere. And, I hope you'll tell me what we did...and give us a chance to win you back as a customer.

You see, today XXXX- {Date, ex: June 3rd} is the 6 month "Un-Happy Anniversary" of the last time we saw you at {Name of your company, ex: Williams Widget Store.} We miss you!

We considered filing a missing persons report, but decided instead to ask you to complete a "Why I've Gone Missing" report by XXXX- {How do you want them to contact you, ex: calling me directly at 000-000-0000.}

In addition, I'd like to offer you a SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY GIFT to come back! It's a special offer for you to XXXX- {What's the offer, ex: receive 25% off of your next purchase.}

And, just for calling us to let us know why we haven't heard from you...no purchase necessary at all...I've set aside a gift for you. This gift is XXXX- {Describe gift, ex: A can opener/envelope opener/remote control.} This is a XXXX- {Name the value, ex: $31.95 Value.} Yours free-simply for letting us know what's going on.

Now, before I let you take off and get your free gift, I'd like to tell you about a few new things we have going on at our business. For example, we:

Find out what's different, and get your free gift simply buy XXXX-How do they contact you, ex: Calling our number at 000-000-0000.}

Let's hope we start seeing each other more often!


XXXX- {President's Name, Doug Williams}

XXXX- {Title and Company, President, Williams Widget Store}

P.S. This special offer will only last a week, so act now!