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XXXX {Headline, ex: XYZ Company Offers Small Businesses Big Business Luxury with NEW, Full-Service Office Suites }

XXXX {Sub-Headline, ex: In Today's Economy Real Estate is Abundant but Many Small Businesses are Demanding More than Four Walls }

XXXX {City, State and Date, ex: Scottsdale, AZ June 1, 2008} -- XXXXX {Insert Your Newsworthy content here, including quotes, ex: Office suites come in all shapes and sizes but for the most part when you open a new office you lease space not services. XYZ Company is now offering a new office suite solution for small business owners.

For just a few dollars a month more, a small business can now open an office that includes immediate access to a number of essential services including: a full, on-site gym; an on-site café; a front-desk reception area including a receptionist; a number of fully equipped conference rooms; an equipment room; an on-site supply store and the option to join a number of memberships typically only available to larger companies.

"I looked for a location for my business for several months but could not find one," explained Brian Cain, President of WYW Insurance Group, "now I not only have a luxury suite for my new office, I now have everything I need to manage my business at my fingertips."

XYZ Company offers many locations throughout the valley. There are plans for several more full-service office suites available for lease within the next three years. Together with key relationships, XYZ Company is expanding service offerings for all their properties everyday.

"Many people believe small companies only care about location and cost but the truth is, many business owners are prepared to pay to have access to key services that make their lives easier," said Mike Williams, CEO of XYZ Company.}

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