New Customer Welcome - Step 5 - The Gift

They Say...Nothing In Life Is FREE!

Well...They Obviously Weren't Our Customers!


If you are anything like me, you always question the "gifts" you receive from businesses. And, you have every reason to be skeptical. After all, "giving" stuff away has long been a marketing ploy to get consumers to buy things they don't want.

Well today, we have a gift for you. And, like every other company out there...we have a hidden motive for giving you this gift. But, we feel comfortable enough in our relationship to share our motive with you.

You see...

We truly value your business and want to show you our appreciation

Unlike many other companies out there, we understand one basic principle: without YOU we don't have a business. Without our valued customers, we are nothing more than a name and a wish.

So please accept this XXXX-{Describe the gift, ex: special ebook packed with safety tips, dumb criminal stories, and coupons-} as well as our gratitude for your continuous patronage.


XXXX-{President's name, ex: Bob B. Safe-}

XXXX-{Title and Company, ex: President, Best Alarm Systems-}