New Customer Welcome - Step 3 - Testimonials

The proof is in the results

What Will We Be Hearing From You?


It's been about two weeks since you joined the XXXX-{Name your company, ex: Best Alarm System-} family. And hopefully, your experience so far has been great! After all, (please allow us a moment to toot our own horn...) it's not many companies that would:

But, we do it because we love our customers. We love to hear the stories they send us. For example:

XXXX-{Name of person and location, ex: Sally A. Tacked from Larceny, ID-}

XXXX-{Write the testimonial, ex: I used to get robbed at least once a month. It got to the point that even my refrigerator was stolen right out from under my nose. Now, with the Best Alarm System, no one dares to enter the house. And, I bought myself a brand new fridge. Thanks Best Alarm Systems!-}

But, you don't have to XXXX-{Name the benefit in the previous testimonial, ex: be constantly chasing away burglars-} to feel the benefits of your purchase. Your purchase was a wise decision for many reasons!

XXXX-{Name of person and location, ex: Ted B. Tired from Child, FL-}

XXXX-{Write the testimonial, ex: My forty year old son kept returning home to live with us. Every time we kicked him out, he found a way to get back in. As soon as we installed your system, our son was caught by the police trying to "sneak" back home. Thanks to your system, he was hauled off to jail and my wife and I are finally enjoying a quiet house again.-}

See, these are just a few of the letters we received from happy customers. We have entire stacks of them. But, never mind those. What I'm most interested in is helping YOU:

XXXX-{Name a benefit, ex: Feel safer-}

XXXX-{Name a benefit, ex: Protect your family-} or

XXXX-{Name a benefit, ex: Ensure your security-}

Again, we're so glad you've chosen us, and we will strive to make your decision one of the best you ever made! We want yours to be a story of success!


XXXX-{President's name, ex: Bob B. Safe-}

XXXX-{Title and Company, ex: President, Best Alarm Systems-}