New Customer Welcome - Step 2 - Resources

The best resources for you

Because We're Here For You...


It's been a week since you purchased XXXX-{Name the product or service, ex: a Best Alarm System} from us. And, hopefully by now, you've already begun to see the benefits of your purchase.

After all, with XXXX-{Name the product or service, ex: a Best Alarm System}, you receive:

But, because we want to make sure your experience is the best it can be, here are a few additional resources. (You may consider printing these out and putting them in a place you can quickly access!)

XXXX-{First resource, ex: Best Alarm System, Inc contact info:

main line: 000-000-0000

emergency line: 000-000-0000}

XXXX-{Second resource, ex: Your online Best Alarm System Account}

XXXX-{Third resource, ex: Easy Alarm Quick Start Guide-

download at:}

With these resources, you can quickly find the answers to any questions or concerns you may have. And, as always, remember we are here to help you. Feel free to contact us at any time.