New Customer Welcome - Step 12 - Offer Follow Up

Offer is expiring

Don't Miss Your Chance To XXXX-{Benefit, ex: Hide from the in Laws-}!


A few days ago I made you a very special offer. Because you are a valued customer, I promised to give you XXXX-{Name the product or service, ex: the video monitoring system-} for the very low price of XXXX-{Name the price, ex: $29.95 a month-}!

Just imagine, with this XXXX-{Product or service-}, you would be able to:

And so much more!!!

This is such an incredible offer, that I can hardly believe we're offering it to you. But, we want you to know how much we appreciate your business.

However, as great as this offer is, I noticed you haven't acted on it yet. And it's only good for another 2 days! Now, I know that sometimes you get busy and it's hard to take care of ALL the things you've got to do. But with this XXXX-{Product or service-} you get the advantage of XXXX-{Benefit, ex: taking care of all your other tasks knowing that your first priority--your family--is protected.-}

So, whatever you have going on right now...put it aside. You absolutely won't want to miss this opportunity!

XXXX-{Details on how to purchase, ex: This is only going to take a moment of your time. Simply pick up the phone and call 000-000-0000. We'll get someone to come out to your property soon!-}

Remember, you only have 2 days left!


XXXX-{President's Name, ex: Bob B. Safe-}

XXXX-{Title and company, ex: President, Best Alarm Systems-}

P.S. If you call within the next 24 hours, we could XXXX-{Add a more engaging call to action, ex: get a service man to your house as soon as tomorrow!-} Don't wait, act now!