New Customer Welcome - Step 11 - Upsell/Cross-sell

For our valued customers

Let Us Meet Your Needs


Wow! How time flies! Do you know that it has been four months since you first joined our family. And in that time we have strived to meet all of your needs and give you the best experience you could imagine.

We've been pleased with the chance to provide you with XXXX-{Name the product or service they purchased, ex: your Favorite Alarm System.-} It's been a pleasure providing you with:

We want you to continue to enjoy these and many other benefits. And, we're always looking for opportunities to show you how much we care. Which is why, for a limited time, we are offering our valued customers:

XXXX-{Describe the offer (upsell or cross sell), ex: a video monitoring system for the low price of ~enter price~ a month.-}

That's right! Because you are our customer, you are eligible for this great XXXX-{Pick one: product or service-} at an amazing savings of XXXX-{Name the savings, ex: ~enter price~ a month. That's $119.40 a year that you save, simply by being our customer.-}

For our very low, valued customer price of XXXX-{Repeat the price, ex: $29.95-} you get XXXX-{Promise or benefit, ex: 24 hour video monitoring of your entire property.-}

Look, you already have XXXX-{Name the product or service they bought, ex: the Favorite Alarm System-}, so I already know you XXXX-{Describe their need or want, ex: are anxious to keep your family as safe and protected as possible.-} With the XXXX-{Name the product or service of the promotion, ex: monitoring system-} you get the benefits of the XXXX-{Name the original product or service, ex: Best Alarm System-} plus so much more.

With XXXX-{Name the new product or service, ex: Monitoring system-}, you get:

And, this special price is yours simply for being one of our loyal customers.

But you must act now. I can only give you a week to act on this offer. After that, this XXXX-{Product or service-} will return to its regular price. And, you will have missed out on a great opportunity to XXXX-{Benefit or promise, ex: spy on your daughter when she comes home from dates.-}

Of course, you can always make your purchase later, but then you miss the incredible savings.

So act now! XXXX-{Invite them to make the purchase, ex: call our sales team at 000-000-0000-} today!

Is XXXX-{Benefit, ex: your children's safety-} worth waiting for?


XXXX-{President's name, ex: Bob B. Safe-}

XXXX-{Title and company, ex: President, Favorite Alarm Systems-}

P.S. This offer WILL end one week from today!