New Customer Welcome - Step 6 - Did You Get The Gift?

Did you get it?


A few days ago you should have received a free gift- XXXX-{Describe the gift, ex: a special ebook-} -from me. I was just checking to make sure you got it.

The gift is our way of thanking you for being such a wonderful customer. And, with this gift you can:

XXXX-{1st benefit of the gift, ex: Protect yourself and your family even more with the ten best security tips ever!-}

XXXX-{2nd benefit of the gift, ex: Be thoroughly entertained with the dumb criminal stories-}

and, XXXX-{3rd benefit of the gift, ex: Get incredible discounts on additional safety items-}

If for any reason you did not receive your free gift, please contact us at: XXXX-{Contact information, ex: 000-000-0000.-} After all, your satisfaction is our number one concern!


XXXX-{President's Name, ex: Bob B. Safe-}

XXXX-{Title and Company, ex: President, Best Alarm Systems-}