SAMPLE: Monthly Promotions: September (USA)

We're laboring for you


What's the purpose of Labor Day? Seriously, why would be want to celebrate the work we have to do? Perhaps we should call it "Relax Day" and maybe we should celebrate it by giving each other presents (like we do on other "normal" holidays).

Well, we can't do anything about changing the name. But, I am determined to make Labor Day a day of presents. (For you at least!)

So, in celebration of Labor Day, we are giving you a deal you can't refuse. Now, before I get into the details of this deal, I just wanted to tell you:

We don't mind working...when we're working for you!

That being said, here's what we're doing to show you how great we think you are. (And, to celebrate Labor Day the proper way.)

Right now when you XXXX- {Purchase, order, or buy ect, ex: Reserve a party at our bowling alley} you'll receive XXXX- {What "labor" will you perform, ex: our personalized "labor" absolutely free. In other words, you reserve at least three lanes, and buy the food, and you'll get three employees dedicated to you...and only you.}

This is a great opportunity for us to work in your behalf! Don't miss your chance to have us show you how much we enjoy working for you.

XXXX- {Action they should take, ex: Reserve your party plans} today!


XXXX- {Owner's Name, ex: Anita Spare}

XXXX- {Title and company, ex: Owner, The Strike Zone}

P.S. Our "labor" will be designed on a first come, first serve basis! (And the offer will end XXXX- {End date, ex: on the last day of the month.} Don't miss your chance to take advantage of this fantastic holiday offer!