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Fail proof your resolutions

Make Your New Year's Resolution Fail-Proof


Are you one of the millions of people who make New Year's Resolutions? Are you also one of the millions who wind up breaking those resolutions?

I'm not surprised. After all, most people who set New Year's Resolutions never have a plan for actually accomplishing their goals.

We'll talk about that more in a minute, but first, let's talk about the top 5 resolutions that come up EVERY, single year:

Do any of those sound familiar to you? How many of them are on your list this year?

How would you like to keep at least one of those resolutions this year? Well, right now, success is as easy as XXXX- {How do they take advantage of the promotion, ex: a phone call away. With one simple phone call} you could be experiencing resolution success and celebrating your way to next year!

Because we understand how difficult keeping a resolution can be, we're going to get you started with the right tools for success!

And, all you have to do is XXXX- {How do they take advantage of the promotion, ex: give us a call.} You see, we have a very special New Year's offer for you. An offer that will GUARANTEE you make it through the year with flying colors.

Right now, when you purchase XXXX- {Name the product or service and tie it to a resolution, ex: 10 Games of Bowling, we're going to throw in 5 Games absolutely free. 15 Games of bowling for the price of 10! Just imagine how many good times you and your family can have together!}

Don't let this year's resolutions go untouched (like last year's and the year before that, and the year before that). Take a few short moments to XXXX- {How do they take advantage of the promotion, ex: give us a call!}


XXXX- {Owner's Name, ex: Anita Spare}

XXXX- {Title and company, ex: Owner, The Strike Zone}

P.S. This is a New Year's offer and will only be good until the end of the month. But, if you are serious about XXXX- {Resolution this promo solves, ex: spending more quality time with your family} you'll want to take advantage of this great opportunity, today!