SAMPLE: Monthly Promotions: February

Showing you the love

Time For A Little Lovin'!


As you already know, February 14th is Valentine's Day. And, everyone you love is expecting something special from you. And special often means expensive. After all, a greeting card on its own could cost you $5. $5 to say I love you. Why not just say it?!

Considering how much money you'll shell out on Valentine's day, you could most likely use a little lovin'! So we're going to give you some!

Right now, with our "Give Me Some Lovin'!" promotion, you could save a whole bunch of money. Now, that's something worth loving.

With our special offer, you receive:

This is an wonderful offer!

So, while the remainder of the world suffers beneath overpriced gifts and romantic demands, you'll be "lovin'" your holiday.

But, you have to act now. Because after Valentine's Day, the world will return to their practical senses, and so will we!

Don't wait. Take advantage of this offer today!

XXXX- {CEO's Name, ex: Anita Spare}

XXXX- {Title and company, ex: CEO, The Strike Zone}

P.S. If you act on this offer in the next week, we'll sweeten the deal. (No, we're not throwing in expensive chocolates.) Take advantage of this offer and we'll give you a FREE gift! XXXX- {How do they get the gift, ex: So, come on in and find out what we have in store for you!}