Free Report To Appointment - Step 3 - 2nd Appt Request

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Why You Must Learn More About XXXX-{Name your product or service, ex: Toilets!}


A few days ago you were given the opportunity to schedule XXXX-{Type of appointment, ex: a free call with a toilet expert}. We didn't receive your appointment request. So, we're going to help you schedule.

After all, the information you will get from this XXXX-{Type of appointment, ex: phone call}, could be incredibly important to you. During the XXXX-{Type of appointment, ex: call}, you will discover:

When you XXXX-{Type of appointment, ex: get on your call} our experts will lead you through these and many other serious concerns. In a brief, important XXXX-{Type of appointment, ex: call} you'll start learning:

To schedule your XXXX-{Type of appointment and how to set it up, ex: phone call, simply click on the link above and one of our experts will get a hold of you for your call.}

Remember, not scheduling an appointment could mean XXXX-{Disadvantage of not acting, ex: your bathroom becomes a death zone}

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XXXX-{Title and Company, ex: President, It's Potty Time}

P.S. If you schedule your appointment today, you will XXXX-{Benefit or gift you are willing to give, ex: receive a free roll of toilet paper. Absolutely no obligation!}

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