SAMPLE: Promotion for a FREE Gift (For scheduling an appointment)

Something special for you

A Gift On Us


Wow! It's not often I get a chance like this one. In fact, I had to pull a whole lot of strings to be able to do this. But, all the negotiating was well worth it. And now, I am pleased to be able to offer you:

XXXX- {Describe the gift, ex: a brand new pair of flip-flops}

(A XXXX- {Name the Value, ex: $9.95} Value)

Absolutely Free!

Now, if you're like most people, you may be a little skeptical of this gift. After all, why would a company like ours be giving things away for FREE?

Well, I will be candid with you. I am trying to earn your business. And, I fully intend to show you how dedicated we are to meeting all of your needs. And, even exceeding them!

And so, in exchange for a few minutes of your time, we're going to send you a FREE gift. (Plus, I'm so confident that this call will be of great interest to you!) You see, at XXXX- {Name your company, ex: Beach Stuff} we believe in proving our dedication to you. Not simply paying you lip service.

To set up your appointment (and get your free gift!) all you have to do is XXXX- {How do they set up their appointment, ex: call our office. Our staff will be more than happy to speak with you and get you scheduled for the earliest, most convenient appointment! (Our office number is 000-000-0000)}

Once again, you under any no obligation to purchase anything! We just want to chat with you for a moment.

So take advantage of this exclusive offer! Get signed up for an appointment today-


XXXX- {President's Name, ex: Paul Heel}

XXXX- {Title and company, ex: President, Beach Stuff}

P.S. As part of my "negotiations," I will only be able to make this offer for a limited time. Please act soon.