Event Promotion - Step 1 - Initial Invite

Join us for an incredible event

Are You Coming to the Biggest XXXX-{Type of Event, ex: Gardening} Event of the Year?


Because you're on our list, I know one thing about you...you're serious about XXXX-{Topic at the Event, ex: Gardening-}. In fact, you're undoubtedly one of those people who:

And, we're so glad you share our passion!

That is why you are exclusively invited to join us for the biggest XXXX-{Name your event, ex: Gardening-} event of the year!

You see, lots of people claim to have an interest in XXXX-{Name your service or product type, ex: Botany-} However, not many people XXXX-{Name another characteristic of someone who uses your products/services, ex: Have a bumper sticker that says, I'd rather be gardening-}

And, only a precious few individuals understand the necessity of XXXX-{Another characteristic, ex: really immersing themselves in the dirt-}

So, you MUST be a part of this upcoming event.

On XXXX-{Name the date, ex: June 10th-} a powerful team of experts and gurus will be on their way to XXXX-{Name the city and state, ex: Phoenix, AZ-}. And, they want to see you! During this incredible event, you will discover:

This is a fantastic opportunity. But only a limited number of tickets will be sold, so don't delay, purchase your tickets today!

XXXX-{Give the method of purchase, ex: Simply call us at 000-000-0000, or log on to www.gardeningevent.com-}

Remember, the event it coming soon. Don't hesitate! Buy your tickets now!


XXXX-{President's Name, ex: Rose E. Petals-}

XXXX-{Title and Company, ex: President, Pots and Plants-}