SAMPLE: Humble Apology Letter (If you haven't been following up)

My Humble Apology

My Humble Apology (And Peace Offering)


This is XXXX- {Owner's Name, ex: Lonnie E. Green} with XXXX- {Lawnscapers}. You may be wondering why I'm contacting you (after going so long without any interaction with you.)  Please let me explain.

I recently discovered a problem with my business- one I had never expected. I Have Lost Touch With The Most Important Person In My Business - YOU!  It's tough to admit when you're wrong, but in the flurry of running a business, sometimes your priorities can get a little mixed up.  That's what happened with me.

And that's why I want to make you this personal guarantee:

XXXX- {What is your promise, ex: I will follow-up with you every month or I'll mow your lawn for 3 months- absolutely free!}

I hope this helps you understand how serious I am about maintaining an ongoing relationship with you.

In fact, I recently invested in a system that will enable me to deliver important and urgent information to you in a timely and consistent manner. I will be sending you articles on current affairs, coupons, discounts for services, and other information that I believe you will find useful.

Please accept my apology for not staying in closer contact. I hope you give me a chance to re-prove myself and provide for all of your XXXX- {What you provide, ex: landscaping} needs.

Thanks for being such a great client!


XXXX- {Owner's Name, ex: Lonnie E. Green}

XXXX- {Title and company, ex: Owner, Lawnscapers}