Upselling Script


The purpose of this script is to be used at the register or any time after the final selections are being made. It is to increase the average purchase, or ticket size and also find ways to eliminate on sale or hard to move merchandise with a different slant. It also makes the customer feel more special when they received exceptional customer service.

Basic Script

"Mr.____________, I'm not sure if you are aware of this or not... but, every time one of our customers spends over $100 with us they are entitled to choose any of those items in that area (or on that table) for 50% OFF.

If you'd like I'll hold your items so you can get a chance to take a look?

If YES: Let him look and then ring him back up

If NO: "No problem! Here's gift certificate for the same offer when you do get a chance to come back in."

Hand him the Gift Certificate and that's all. Smile and say "Thank You!"