Universal On-Hold Message Script Template

Hello, and thank you for calling. This is (name of executive) of (name of company). I'm going to assume that since you've called this number, you or someone you know is interested in (product or service desired) I'm also going to guess that there's a good chance that you've called other (types of company / industry) besides us.

And if you're like most of our customers, you're probably feeling (3-4 of the prospects emotions - Hot Buttons), about (type of buying decision the prospect is trying to make) because (prospects top 3-4 negative situations, concerns, or positive desires).

And your feelings are justified. As a matter of fact, a recent industry study proved that (statistic, quote, article, etc.)

So I understand that you might be skeptical of (industry type) in general... especially one that claims that you can (powerful statement of major advantages of doing business with you - positive results - What's most important to the customers)… without the (problems or frustrations) typically associated with most (type of company).

You see, at (name of company) we do something that is very unique to our industry. It's different than anything you've ever (seen, done, tried, etc) before.

So listen for a few minutes and so I can speak candidly to you. Whether you do business with or not, is always totally up to you. But one thing is sure, after a few moments you will understand the insides of (type of industry) and know exactly (the exact information the prospect wants to know - specific items - customer calls)

You see… most companies in our industry (general negative overview of why they're not as good, or have problems). Here's why they do it that way / or why it's that way (argument as to why?)

At (name of company) what we do is: (your USP)

Which means (quantified end results as it ultimately benefits the end user)

This is the reason why our company has been (evidence: company designations, rankings, test results, honors, awards, write-ups, etc. - include length of time) Don't take our word for it… just listen to a few of our customers. (2-3 testimonials based upon the top 3 problems that were overcome as a result of using this company)

So, as you can see, we have truly developed a (company type, product, service) that customers like you, and myself included, really want.

If you are interested in taking the next step…(make an offer: free info, sell the product - explain pricing - sales items, set an appointment, come to a seminar, schedule service, etc.)

All you need to do to receive (offer), you must give us the offer code from the advertisement that you saw. You'll find it located (where it's located in the ad)...if there isn't an offer code listed, please say (default offer code).

We accept (forms of payment), or, (alternative payment method).--whichever is most convenient for you. We offer a (risk-free statement if applicable), just to ensure your complete confidence.

If you would like to place your order, or if you still need more information, please leave the following information: Your name, your daytime phone number, and your home phone number... and let us know what time would be most convenient to call you back. Or, if you prefer to order by (alternative method), you may (what you want them to do), and we will (what we will do and when). Either way, remember to tell us what the offer code is from the advertisement you saw...if there is no code, please ask for the (default offer code).

Either me or one of our qualified (special name - should sound important) will be calling you back within the next (specific time frame). Please be patient...we do get a lot of calls on this line. Thank you for calling, and I look forward to speaking with you in person shortly. Good Bye.