Telephone Script With Critique

Thanks for calling

This is David, how can I be of assistance? Quickly find out their name and use it - i.e. "Thanks John, do you mind if I ask where you came across GSA". (see point below) Speak with a smile, as they'll feel it over the phone

You have called the right place / you need not look any further. This sounds clich├ęd. There is no validation statement this early in the conversation to confirm they have either called the right place or that they need not look further.

Is your property commercial or residential?
What is your objective? ....I let them tell me their needs
Are you decision maker?
- Good point! Someone calling on behalf of the owner/decision maker may be focused more on price and doesn't really care. Given your own busy schedule, this will have to be your own call as to whether you chase these scenarios vigorously. What sort of time frame are you looking at?

Good questioning above. Ask and let them respond. Look for avenues within their statements that you can respond with 1-2 key features of your service and the benefit associated with each of these features. This way, you start to validate why they called the right place.

If you're happy with product, the price and me/us as a Company are you in a position to proceed? (a quote?) or how soon would you like to proceed with an installation? Understand where you are coming from with the above line, but it doesn't read well. If the flow of the conversation is going well, go for a trial close i.e. "our installation schedule is free on Wednesday morning, would this suit?" If they pull back, reserve a question or two so you can continue as if you didn't hear the response. Remember, these callers need security!

If he says yes I will arrange a suitable time to come out and confirm quote. Make sure they say yes for the right reasons. Remember, most people will get quotes requiring a site visit, be it for security or other trades. Selling an onsite quote is the easy part. You need to be in the strongest position at the time of quotation, especially to overcome price objections. This will come via targeted questioning - lead the callers to asking questions you have the right answers for.

If he just looking around: I ask if they know the dimensions as we can save you time and money and offer a ball park figure over the phone, either they call back or we call them and calculate a price over phone....Your call, as this is similar to someone calling on behalf of the decision maker. Additional qualification by phone could alter the percentage wins.

Where did you hear of our company? This question should be asked early in the conversation. If they heard via a direct referral, and a positive one at that, you may be 75% of the way there in the first opening line or two, without realizing it. This could alter the tone of the conversation.

We look forward to being of service to you...Thanks for the call....You are only being of service if you win the business. End the call the same way you started, and with the same smile….."John, I appreciate your call and look forward to meeting you next week/look forward to commencing the installation on……"