Dear {first name},

Before anything else, I want to start by giving you something that'll save you time, money and hassles the next time to ready to purchase a new {car/home/etc}. I want to provide you with a set of questions that not one in a hundred people know to ask.

Here they are:

Q. How will your company help me find the best price on the {car/home} I want without causing me to overextend myself?

A. At {your company name}, we understand most people interested in committing to a major purchase, such as a {car/home}, worry about the daunting price tag. Depending on your needs (and your wants), prices vary considerably. So make an appointment with one of our knowledgeable representatives today and bring with you a list of all the must-have elements of you new {car/home}. We'll sit down with you and determine how much you can afford to spend, and then we'll find the {car/home} that fits both your needs and your budget. We're in the business of getting the best deals for our customers, so we make sure you'll never pay too much for the {car/home} of your dreams.

Q. How will you help me understand the contract before I sign it? And what if I change my mind after I do sign it?

A. At {your company name}, we will go over the contract with you and clearly explain everything in detail. We understand that this is a big commitment and a stressful situation, so we'll take our time and make sure you're happy before you sign. Unlike some {realtors/dealers} we do not use high-pressure tactics or sales gimmicks, so you can take the time to make up your mind before you sign. If you do still change your mind after the contract is signed, we'll do whatever we can to break the contract because your satisfaction is our main concern.

Q. How do I know what's available?

A. By calling our office for an appointment to meet with a representative and browse through our current selection. We'll give you all the information on the {cars/homes} that interest you most. They'll even take you for a {test drive/tour}. We know you'll find something to strike your fancy in our enormous selection.

{Add additional questions and answers specific to your business}



Q. I'm not buying a new {car/home} for a few months, but I want to plan for the purchase now. Who can help?

A. We'd love to. Come in today and meet with one of our reps who can outline the best way for you to get the {house/car} you want when you are ready. They'll explain when to discuss financing with your bank or alternate lender, when to start wheeling and dealing, and what questions to ask yourself before you start searching for that dream {car/house}. Then come back to see us when you're ready and we'll work on adding you to our list of satisfied new {car/home} owners.

For all of your {car/home} purchasing needs, remember us . . . {company name}. We're here to help.

Make a no-obligation, appointment today by calling {xxx-xxx-xxxx}.

We look forward to working with you.



P.S. No matter which {dealership/realtor} you choose, you need to know the answers to these important questions.