We're Celebrating Our {5th} Anniversary With
Free Tax Savings Audits {introductory service/consultation, etc. with high perceived value but little actual cost} Only For Referrals From Our Valued Clients

Dear {First name},

    As you know we get a majority of our new clients through referrals of our existing clients, like yourself - and we are very grateful for this. So as a way to show you our appreciation, I've set aside a limited amount of free {tax savings audits}exclusively for family members, colleagues or close friends of a few of our valued clients using the enclosed certificate.

    A comprehensive investment and tax savings audit can help your guest make the most out of their financial situation and help relieve the burden of excess taxes. That way they'll be able to keep more of their money for retirement, childrens' college tuition, vacations, or anything else instead of handing it over to Uncle Sam. {explain benefit of introductory service/consultation, etc.}

    This is not some cursory once-over. Each audit is a very thorough analysis and takes nearly an hour to provide recommendations of specific real-world (and completely legal) tax avoidance strategies to implement.

    Here is what one client had to say after going through this same process:

    {"testimonial comments relating to specific money savings, etc."} {Full name and occupation}

    Now, I normally charge {$xxxx.xx} for this service, but for the next 2 months, it is absolutely free for anyone you refer using the enclosed certificate (and be sure fill in your name on the certificate so we know who to thank for the referral). But, please don't delay because I've only allocated a limited amount of spots and I expect them to be filled very quickly.

    Thank you again for your continued business.


{Your name}

P.S. A complimentary tax savings audit awaits your guest as our way of saying, "Welcome to our practice."