Here's How To Lower Your {Taxes} ...100% Guaranteed!

Dear __________,


Be very quiet for a moment...

Do you hear that faint sucking noise coming from your checkbook? That's the sound of money flying out the window because of {something they're not doing}.

It's true. Every month you could be throwing {hundreds, thousands} even {tens of thousands} of dollars down the drain.

And how do I know?

Simple, because I've been in the business of saving people money on their {taxes}, since {year} and during those {#} years I've helped over {#} {families, businesses, etc.} save {$xxxxxx}.

But don't take my word for it...

Here are a few examples of how much my advice has been worth in hard dollars and cents:

{Case study with specific dollar amount saved and results}

{Case study#2 with specific dollar amount saved and results}

Now, maybe you're thinking these examples are odd occurrences and unusual circumstances - and you couldn't possibly qualify for such savings. Maybe. Maybe not. But consider this fact:

On average I've achieved a {92% - specific #} success rate for clients in reducing their {taxes} by at least {$xxxx}.

However, the truth is I really don't know if I can help you until we meet to assess your individual situation. And if I can't reduce your {taxes} you don't pay me one cent!

Is that fair?



Unless I can save you lots of money, I don't expect (or deserve) any payment from you. So what I'm offering is a free consultation to see if I really can reduce your {tax} liability. During our informal meeting we'll go over your specific {tax} situation, I'll give you concrete recommendations and free advice for reducing your {tax} liability immediately. Then you can decide if there should be a next step - and I promise you there won't be any pressure or 'arm-twisting' to use our services.

I have only a few limited slots allocated for these free consultations so please call right away or I may have to put you on a waiting list.

Pick up the phone and do it today - the longer you wait - the more money you're losing. It's your choice. Call {xxx-xxx-xxxx} or toll-free at {1-800-xxx-xxxx}.

Remember, I can't help you unless you call.



P.S. Think about this: if you were walking down the street and saw a $20.00 bill on the ground, wouldn't you stop and pick it up? Well, not calling me is like walking right by a whole pile of $20.00 bills!