Dear {customer},

Our records show that you're one of our very best customers, and that's why I'm writing.

Will you do me a favor?

I'm asking you take part in a little "marketing test" I've come up with. You see, our company has a lot riding on the results, so I'm really hoping you'll agree to participate.

I want to make sure of the demand -- or lack of demand -- for a new service, called {name of service/product} before we sink too much money into promoting it. So, I've come to you as a valued customer for an honest opinion.

If you'd like to help, I'll reward you with a valuable free gift of{name of free gift - high perceived value but little cost}. This is a {$xxxx} value, but yours absolutely free just for helping.

Now, before I explain the marketing test, let me share with you the benefits of {the free gift for participating}...

{Explain a few benefits of free bonus}

I think you can see why I think this product is really great, and it's your absolutely free for taking part in my marketing test. So what's this "marketing test" anyway? Well, here's the story...

We've just added a new service, called {name of service/product}. I believe it the most significant breakthrough in the {biggest benefit of new service}. And I'd like you to try it out entirely at my risk because I want to get your reaction to this remarkable {service/product}.

And I think the best and most honest way to introduce any new {service/product} is simply letting people try out for themselves. It's far better than any expensive radio or newspaper ads.

That's why I'm inviting you to try {service/product name} for yourself. My bet is you'll love the results so much you'll continue using it and become a frequent user (at our special preferred customer rate).



But if after trying it you don't see immediate results, if your {skin doesn't look more youthful, vibrant and tighter - benefits of service or product} than before, then you can simply say "no thanks" and cancel your remaining sessions. And that's okay too, because I'd much rather get your opinion before we invest a lot of money in promoting this {service/product}.

Naturally, this offer is not being made to everyone, so whether you accept it or not, please let us know right away by calling {xxx-xxxx} because there are only a limited amount of slots available for this program. Thanks in advance for your input and I eagerly await hearing from you.


{Your Name}