Dear {Prospect},

   I'm writing to cordially invite you and a guest, to an upcoming seminar I'll be presenting on {7 Little- Known Ways to Pay Zero Taxes Next Year -- Topic's Exciting Name}.

   My name is {your name} and over the years I've discovered {7 relatively unknown yet completely legal methods} to {reducing the amount of taxes you are required to pay}.

   And on {date} I'll be sharing some of my best secrets:

   The sad fact is, you're probably {paying too much in taxes} unless you come to this informative 1 hour seminar. The seminar will be from {o'clock} to {o'clock} at the {location} in {town}.

   Reservations are free by phoning {your number}. Please do not delay because the seating is limited and the last time I presented this seminar it was completely sold out. I can only accommodate 24 attendees so everyone can have the opportunity to ask any critical questions.

   I look forward to seeing you at this exciting seminar.

Best regards,

{Your name}