Re: Priority Code - {your tracking number}

Dear Mr/Mrs.{client last name},

"I've Got A $50.00 Reward For Your Next Order!"

    You know we were so pleased when you favored us with your business {six months ago}, but you haven't bought again since. And honestly, my manager and I were completely confused and perplexed. That's why we've decided to do something about this.

   If there was something wrong with your last order, or if you weren't pleased with our service, or if you couldn't get the right answers from tech support, or anything else-please tell me because I want to know so I can fix it.

   However, if that wasn't the case and you've been meaning to give us a call for your {product/service you provide} and it's just slipped your mind, then I want to give you a little friendly "push".

   In order to prompt you to patronize us with more business I'm giving you a $50.00 credit good towards your next order. No strings attached, no minimum order requirements and no obligation to buy from us again.

Why Am I Doing This?

   Simply put, I just want to be able to serve you again and I know from experience that once most companies start to buy once or twice from our company they'll continue buying over and over again. Of course not all the time, but enough so that I can afford to give away $50.00 in {free goods/service} to you.

   Now here's all you need to do to use your credit with us:

  1. Call xxx-xxx-xxxx to place a risk-free order for anything in our product line.
  2. Give the operator your special "priority code number" (found at the top of this letter).
  3. Your invoice will arrive with $50.00 automatically subtracted from the total.
  4. Then if you're not completely satisfied for any reason, simply return the product within 30 days for a full 100%, no-questions asked refund or replacement.

   I know you have lots of choices when purchasing {your product/service} and that's why I'm giving you $50.00 "on the house" for the opportunity to put us through the ringer. Let us prove to you we deserve your business.

   One important point: This savings voucher expires {date - not more than 30 days away} and then this special one-time offer will be all over. So don't miss your chance to get $50.00 in free {goods/service}.

   I look forward to welcoming you back as a regular customer again.

Best regards,

{Your name}

P.S. Use this letter just like a $50.00 "welcome back" check towards anything you order. Don't worry, there are no strings attached, no minimums and no obligation to use us in the future. "