Endorsement Letter of Professional

Dear {First Name},

It's rare that I write to you, let alone write about somebody else.

But I wanted to share with you some of the exceptional things my {Lawyer/Accountant/Printer, etc.}, {his/her name} has done for me.

{Talk about some of the good things he/she has done for you and your practice}.

As a courtesy to me, {first name's} agreed to spend one full hour with you free of charge and dispense {his/her} best advice.

There is absolutely no catch and there is no obligation to ever use {his/her} services again. This is just something I persuaded {First Name} to do because I thought you could benefit from {his/her} advice just like I have.

Just give {Name} a call at {xxx-xxx-xxxx} to schedule your free consultation and let {him/her} know I sent you to get your free hour.


{Your name}

P.S. Just last year {Name} saved me over {$xxxx.xx} on my taxes. See what {he/she} can do for you.