2nd And Final Notice

Are You Too Busy To {benefit of your service or product}Save $5,000.00 On Your Computer Maintenance And Make Your Entire Office More Productive?

Dear {Mr. Prospect},

    About two weeks ago, I sent you a letter offering a free 12 minute analysis, to reveal to you how to save thousands on your {computer maintenance} and increase your office's {productivity}. Well, I've yet to hear from you and I'm a little confused...

    Maybe you were meaning to call for a free analysis - but it slipped your mind. I know how busy you probably are. Well, that's why I'm writing to you one more time.

    If you remember, I am guaranteeing my analysis of your company. That's right! If you give me just 12 minutes I'll prove to you how to save thousands on your {computer maintenance}, increase your overall {productivity} and little-known ways to increase your bottom line. Afterwards if you can honestly say I've wasted your time, then I'll hand you over a gift certificate to {restaurant or store} for your trouble.

    That's how sure I am that what I can show you will be worth lots of money to your company. And there's absolutely no obligation to {use/buy} our company's {service/product}, even though over 50% of the executives I see do end up doing business with us.

    To get your free analysis, call me today at {your number} today. I guarantee you'll be impressed.

Sincerely, {Your Name}

    P.S. As another incentive for meeting with me, I have reserved a copy of our new special report, entitled: "How to Avoid The 10 Most Common Mistakes Choosing A {Computer Maintenance Firm}". It's yours absolutely free.